Walking in their Shoes

Walking Brings a Renewed Outlook for Leslie

“To me, Run Like a Girl means to run FOR my life, not from it,” – Leslie, Second Step Housing resident

Road blocks and personal barriers had left Leslie living in her truck, bathing in the river, changing in parking lots and crying herself to sleep. Her focus was trying to protect her daughter, keep her job, and find a safe place to live. Persistence lead her to Second Step Housing. She now has a stable home and is focusing on overcoming those personal barriers that were in the way of her achieving her goals. With encouragement from her Housing Specialist and connections with our community partners, she’s making progress.

“They won’t do it for me, but are eager to help with the resources anytime I show interest of moving forward.”

Residents are invited to participate in our upcoming Run Like a Girl event. Leslie chose to embrace the opportunity, as well as offer to volunteer on race day. She put on her walking shoes & away she went.

“Run Like a Girl! Not only do I view this as a healthy option, but RLAG gives me the chance to cross that finish line to show them that I am grateful for their kindness and compassion. They have been, and continue to be the legs in my fight to take back my life.”

Leslie has recently accomplished at couple of her immediate goals including starting a new job. She is moving forward one step at a time.

Every Step Counts!